CountLess EURO-Detector EC-330

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Key features:
1) No Jamming and Without Maintenace Design
2) Professional Euro Detector, Support New Version 5 Euro  
3) Feed in 4 Directions and No Space limited
4) High Accuracy, Big LED Display 
5) ECB 100% tested, CE, RoHS, CCC approves

Product Detail
1. Successfully tested in ECB, 100% counterfeit notes can be detected
2. High sensitive and without maintenance design(no need to clean any sensors within 3 years).
3. Easy to operate: The banknote can be accepted from all directions
4. Detection speed: <0.5second/note
5. 2D Size Detection
6. Ultraviolet detection
7. Magnetic ink detection.
8. Metal Thread detection.
9. Infrared accurate detection.
10. Paper quality detection.
11 Total value counting and denomination/currency/amount counting.
12. Power saving: automatically turn off the LED backlight after 30 seconds without operation.
13. Audible alarm when detecting counterfeit note.
14. Large LED display with blue backlight
15. Compact space design